What is this?

I Love Your Work is an interactive portrait of the private lives of nine women who make lesbian porn. It consists of 2,202 10-second video clips (around six hours of footage), taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days. The full interactive environment is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each.

Can I get a preview?

Yes, you can watch the teaser.

Who's behind this?

I Love Your Work was created by Jonathan Harris, whose other projects include We Feel Fine, I Want You To Want Me, The Whale Hunt, Balloons of Bhutan, Today, 10x10, and Cowbird.

How did it work?

Jonathan spent 10 days with nine different women (one woman went twice), while they were producing a lesbian porn series in New York City. He followed each woman around for 24 hours, spending the night at her apartment, and switching to the next woman the next morning at 10:10 AM. He took short, 10-second video clips every five minutes, filming whatever was happening. The clips provide fractured windows into the realities of those who produce fantasies — they are partially teasers for porn, but primarily teasers for life.

Who are the women involved?

Jincey Lumpkin, Dylan Ryan, Ela Darling, Ryan Keely, Jett Bleu, Dolores Haze, Luna Londyn, Nic Switch, and Joy Sauvage.

Are they all porn stars?

Some of them are. Others were doing porn for the first time. Others were involved in production.

What is the porn series they were producing?

Therapy, by Juicy Pink Box Productions.

Where and when was this shot?

In Manhattan and Brooklyn, over the course of 10 consecutive days in May of 2010.

Was there anything not filmed?

Each woman’s boundaries were respected, and those boundaries varied from woman to woman.

Is this actually porn?

It depends on your perspective. There are some sexually explicit moments, but also many ordinary moments typical of anybody’s life. Ultimately, it’s less a project about porn, and more a project about women, and how they live today, navigating the complexities of youth, fame, sexuality, and gender.

Is this “lesbian porn” for men or for women?

Primarily for women (it was produced and directed by women), though the project is intended for anyone over the age of 18 who’s curious about sex, life, fantasy, and reality.

Why are the clips 10 seconds long?

10 seconds is the length of the free video teasers traditionally offered by Internet porn sites, enticing viewers to pay to see more. This 10-second format is unique to porn, making it personally familiar to many, but only from private encounters.

Why are you charging $10 to view it?

As an experiment in financially sustainable digital art. $10 is the price of a standard American movie ticket.

Why are you limiting it to 10 viewers per day?

As an experiment in delayed gratification. Internet porn is abundant, and most websites attempt to accumulate as many viewers as possible. It seemed interesting to do the opposite.

What's up with the audience page?

When you purchase a ticket to I Love Your Work, you have the option of adding your name to the audience page, personalizing the typically secretive and anonymous experience of watching porn (or anything else) on the Internet.

Why porn?

Porn plays an important role in the evolution of the Internet. It is the staging ground for almost every new digital technology — porn sites pioneered digital photos, digital videos, online chat, web cams, e-commerce, social networking, and virtual 3D worlds. The most common Internet search queries relate to sex and porn, while porn sites generate more revenue than online advertising, yet receive only a fraction of the attention. Most men (and many women) watch porn, but very few admit it. Porn is the elephant in the room of the Internet.

Why else?

With a prescient sense of what we really want, porn taps into what is just below the surface — what is not yet accepted by mainstream society, yet what is in us anyway — percolating, potent, and primal. In this way, porn is a predictor of culture. The willingness of porn stars to open their lives to an anonymous public foreshadows broader cultural shifts around privacy, authenticity, sexuality, and self-promotion, where the lines between life and work are increasingly blurry.

How can I see the project?

You need to purchase a ticket. Each day, there are 10 $10 tickets available. You can reserve one ahead of time, using the calendaring system. Alternatively, you can purchase the $300 premium package to receive three instant-access 24-hour tickets.

What do I get with a $10 ticket?

You get 24 hours of access to the full interactive environment (booked in advance), allowing you to view and explore all 2,202 10-second video clips (around six hours of footage), using a fast and fluid, custom-designed interface. You also get your name added to the audience page (if you want).

What do I get with the $300 premium package?

You get a beautiful 13x19" limited-edition archival inkjet print of I Love Your Work, signed and numbered by Jonathan Harris. You get three instant-access 24-hour tickets to see the full interactive environment (which you can use yourself or give away as gifts). You also get your name prominently displayed on the audience page (if you want).

Do you support any charities?

We donate 10% of $10 ticket sales to the Sex Workers Project (part of New York City's Urban Justice Center), which provides legal and social services to people who engage in sex work, whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion.

How will I remember my $10 ticket viewing date?

We will send you an email at 10:10 AM (NYC time) on the morning of your viewing date. The email will contain your unique access URL, which will expire exactly 24 hours later, at 10:10 AM the following day. We will also send you an email reminder the day before your viewing date.

What if I miss my viewing date?

There is nothing we can do if you miss your viewing date. Please mark your calendar and plan accordingly.

I’m a member of the press — any guidance?

Have a look at our press page.

I'd like to stage a screening — any guidance?

Check out the screenings page.

How can I contact you?


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