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  • I Love Your Work is wonderful and sad and a true work of art and everything the Internet should be.”
  • “A documentary that aims to break down stereotypes and misconceptions around lesbian-identified porn by turning the camera away from these actresses sex-fueled day jobs, and toward the quotidian lives of these women.”
  • “What’s revealed is an intimate portrait of a marginalized community opening up about sex, gender politics, depression, and their daily grind in a way that’s downright real.”
  • “An artful documentary steeped in the traditions of cinéma vérité. From the privacy of my computer screen, I realize I’m viewing something a lot more intimate than on-camera sex. I’m looking at people’s unedited lives. And what could be more penetrating than that?”
  • I Love Your Work seeks to challenge common perceptions of pornography and the people who make it, and seems to be a part of a cultural shift that allows technology to help us extend our empathy further than before.”
  • “The resulting patchwork videos create nine different stories that are, at times, very mundane but also completely and utterly addictive.”
  • “It doesn't make you think; it allows you to think. You wonder: what is intimacy?”
  • “An intimate interactive documentary.”
  • “His project is all about getting under the veneer.”
  • “The project is less about porn, and more about nine different women navigating the complexities of life, youth, fame, privacy, gender, and sexuality in America today.”
  • “Whether you sit down and watch all six hours back-to-back, or you click around the gorgeous interface at random, you will be confronted with something that is beyond any voyeuristic thrill we’ve ever encountered.”
  • “Porn is just a small part of a work that is actually seeking to talk about the daily lives of a group of women who face a society that does not always accept their sexuality.”
  • “I Love Your Work is raw, provocative and forces us to confront a hidden world that, whether we like to admit it or not, sparks a primal urge in society. Behind the taboo and titillation of Harris' latest work are real people living their lives on their own terms – without fear, embracing their sexuality – and that is a beautiful thing. It warrants our attention.”
  • “Everything is caught on film; from mundane acts like brushing teeth and ordering lattes, to actual pornographic photoshoots. It is at once fascinating, and tedious — a slow, drawn out process, much different from the instant gratification that porn presents to consumers.”
  • “The interactivity of the project reflects how we consume porn on the internet — jumping from clip to clip, catching glimpses of video in between mundane email replies and, sometimes, visits to performers’ own blogs.”
  • “Jonathan Harris is toying with you, and the Internet, and convention... And you’ll probably be into it.”


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